The Dancing Butterfly Foundation was started in memory of Lyndsay Elaine Brewer. Lyndsay was a beautiful, blond-haired, blue-eyed, little girl whose remarkable spirit inspired all who knew her. She loved butterflies and wanted to be a ballerina when she grew up, so we have honored her by naming the foundation the Dancing Butterfly Foundation. 
Lyndsay was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 15 months.  She had surgery to remove her tumor in June of 2000.  This surgery was followed by chemotherapy and radiation.  She had several "cancer free" years, but the brain tumor returned in the winter of 2003 with a vengeance.  At that time, she had another surgery to remove the tumor.  We were told that the tumor had invaded her brain stem and that they were unable to remove it all.  There were quite a few complications at that time including the need for a shunt, a tracheostomy,  and a feeding tube. We followed up with chemo and did several clinical trials to save her life, but to no avail.  Lyndsay succumbed to the disease in August of 2004.  At that time, she went home to be with the Lord where she is now a healthy little girl who dances her heart out everyday!  

During her battle with brain cancer her life was blessed by so many caring and wonderful people at UNC Children's Hospitals, Duke Children's Hospital, the Ronald McDonald House, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and many, many others who did their best to cure Lyndsay or bring joy to her life. Today there are many children just like Lyndsay fighting for their lives. 

2005 Quail Roost
Clayton, NC 27527
Contact: Amy Brewer

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