Lyndsay was born a happy and healthy baby February 23, 1999.
Lyndsay in her clubhouse in the winter of 2000.
Lyndsay as a cute pink bunny for her first Halloween in October 1999.
Lyndsay's first Christmas.  She loved this bouncing Tiger; he made her laugh!
Lyndsay after her initial diagnosis in July 2000.
While having chemo in August 2000, we made a trip to the beach.
Lyndsay in the fall of 2000 is still enjoys her time at the park despite undergoing chemo.
Lyndsay in the fall of 2000.
Lyndsay during Halloween of 2000, she was a fairy princess.  She is actually undergoing radiation during this time, but that doesn't stop the dancing!
Lyndsay helps make apple pie for Thanksgiving in 2000.  She is still undergoing radiation at this time.
Radiation is done by Christmas of 2000.
Lyndsay loved to dress up and wear jewelry.  During this time she recovers from the effects of radiation and chemo.
On a trip to Ohio our friend Lisa helps Lyndsay make a Barbie wall.  She loved it!
We made our way to the beach in May of 2001.  Lyndsay is doing pretty good at this point other than some nausea.
A trip to the water park is lots of fun in June 2001.
More fun at the beach in August of 2001.
Here Lyndsay is looking like Mr. T.  She loved to show off all of her jewelry!
Just being CUTE!
Who is ready for a tea party?!
Lyndsay was a beautiful girl!
Having fun in the fall of 2001.  At this point she is doing great.  All her MRI's are clear and she's enjoying life.
Our pumpkin head for Halloween of 2001.
Lyndsay and I on a hayride!
YAY!  The snow finally came in January 2002.
Happy 3rd birthday Lyndsay!
Just being beautiful!
Strawberry picking in spring 2002.
Happy Easter 2002!
The summer of 2002, Lyndsay was doing great.  She was waiting for her new little brother to arrive!
At a puppet show during the summer of 2002.
During the summer of 2002 we made a trip to the beach with our friends!
Lyndsay and her friend Trent having fun on a ride at the beach!
Off to do paddle boats in the summer of 2002.
Lyndsay taking a nap with her new baby brother Logan in August 2002.
Lyndsay playing with her baby brother.  She loved him a lot!
Playing dress-up, one of her favorite things to do!
Fall of 2002 enjoying the pumpkins.
Here is a picture of Lyndsay in the winter of 2002 before we knew she was sick again, but the tumor was growing again.
In May of 2003, after her second surgery, the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted Lyndsay's wish to go to Disney World!
Lyndsay got to meet her favorite princess, Princess Ariel.  It was a dream come true!
Lyndsay got to meet all the Disney Princesses and have special time with each of them.  Here she is with Cinderella!
Despite being sick and undergoing chemo, we made our way to the beach in the summer of 2003.
Lyndsay is one happy girl...she gets to be Princess Ariel for Halloween in 2003!
Lyndsay started a clinical trial in December of 2003.  She lost her hair, but it didn't seem to bother her.
Lyndsay celebrates her fifth birthday in February 2004.
Lyndsay maintained her sense of humor all the way to the end!
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